Here is a compiled list of wikis related to World Masterpiece Theater.

To addEdit

Any anime wikis that need to be incorporated into the lists below can be listed here, and should be removed once they are added to the proper spots:


A list of anime and manga related wikis on wikia, links, and recent size

LightGreen: mostly active, medium content ~150-400

Khaki: some activity or low content, needs help less than ~150 pages

SandyBrown: low activity or low content, needs a lot of help less than ~75 pages

Pink: NEW or abandoned (adopt flag) less than ~25 pages

ADOPT - This means that the wiki is in need of an active admin.


Title location Articles checked start date other & dups
My Daddy Long Legsw:c:legs 10 10/16/2012 3/10/2012 n/a
Heidi, Girl of the Alpsw:c:heidi 5 10/16/2012 ADOPT 3/18/2009 n/a
Les Misérables: Shoujo Cosettew:c:miserables 4 10/16/2012 9/5/2012 1
Moomin, New Moominw:c:moomin 107 10/16/2012 ADOPT n/a n/a
The Story of Perrinew:c:perrine 20 10/16/2012 3/25/2012 n/a


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